Shipping and return policies for Out Of Line Music

Return Policy
The cancellation of a transaction contract in regard to audio files is not possible because – according to § 312d, paragraph 4, Nr. 1 BGB – these cannot be returned remnant-free (i.e. without the possibility that customer retains a copy of said file). Returns of audio- and audiovisual recordings (for instance CDs, videotapes, DVDs) are not possible after the factory seal has been broken.

In all other cases, you may revoke your offer of undergoing a purchase contract with us in written form within a time period of two weeks. Said cancellation of your order only has to be sent out within the time limit to make it valid. The time limit legally commences with your acknowledgment of these terms and conditions … in case of physical goods shipped to you it commences upon delivery to you.

The shipping costs of any and all returns whose total value does not exceed € 40.00 and which were not shipped to you in error will have to be covered in full by you. Returns of goods shipped to you in error or whose total value exceeds € 40.00 will be covered by us in that we will return you the shipping fees. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PARCELS THAT ARE NOT PREPAID.

Rights of Withdrawal and Returns Clause for Concert Tickets and Ticket Vouchers In the case that the Out Of Line Music Music GmbH is offering services regarding concert or recreational events in the name of an organiser / event manager, especially the sale of tickets for concert tickets, these are exempt from the regular distance selling contract, as defined per German law under § 312 b III Nr. 6 BGB. The right to return purchased goods within two weeks after date of purchase does not apply to concert tickets. Each and every confirmed or shipped order of concert tickets is henceforth binding on part of the event organuzer immediately after Out Of Line Music GmbH has shipped or confirmed the tickets and payment for said ordered tickets is mandatory.

Returning or exchanging purchased tickets is not possible. This also applies in case of program and line up changes, moving the event to a different venue or changes in the line up of an announced band.

Exceptions occur when the event is either rescheduled to a different date or cancelled altogether. In this case, Out Of Line Music GmbH will refund the ticket price if tickets are returned in a specified time period. In order to obtain a refund, buyer must return the purchased tickets to Out Of Line Music GmbH immediately or within a time period of 7 calendar days from the original date of the event, either personally or by postal mail. The ticket price will be refunded after Out Of Line Music GmbH has received the returned original tickets (no copies) and confirmed that they were purchased through Out Of Line Music GmbH.

Additional costs like hotels, travel costs, provisions, as well as shipping costs or ticket fees cannot be reimbursed. The ticket purchaser cannot claim any further compensation from organizer.

In case Out Of Line Music GmbH has already transferred the ticket monies to event organizer, the refund will have to be obtained from event organizer and Out Of Line Music GmbH will inform purchaser.

Service and shipping fees cannot be refunded.

Please note!

Please do not accept visibly damaged or broken parcels, as with your acceptance, you practically acknowledge that you received the goods in optimal condition and thereby forfeit your eligibility for compensation. Therefore, please reject any and all parcels that have been torn or otherwise visibly damaged and have them be returned to sender. Please call us to inform us that you have not accepted delivery of said parcels (telephone number listed below). Otherwise, our regular warranty for damaged goods applies.